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1- Download the menubar into your CM3 or CM 99/00 directory (or even better a subfolder to keep that CM dir tidy!)
2- IMPORTANT: BACKUP your .mbr-files. If you accept a new job during your game or start a new game, your menubar will stay the same and there's no guarantee that I have a menubar for your new club!!!
3- The next thing you've got to do is to open up your Championship Manager directory and double click on the Data folder. Inside the Data folder you have to find two specific files in order to add your own menubar: Game.mbr and match.mbr. Now click with the right mouse button on each file in turn and go to properties. And where it has a tick in 'Read Only' change that so there is no tick on it. Repeat for both files.
4- Open Piced (came with CM3 and is in your CM3 directory)
5- Go to the load option on the menubar once you open up Piced and choose load menubar bitmap or image.
5- Type the name of the directory, you unzipped the image in (where it says directory) Choose the menubar you wish to have as your in-game menubar. Once you chose it click on Ok.
6- Once you're done with that choose Save option on the menubar and click on menubar.
7- Save the menubar as both game and match(you have to save it as each one otherwise it will not show up in either the game or the match) NOTE : If you get an error message that says something like "Can't open .mbr-file", it's probably because your .mbr-files are write protected. Remove the write protection (right-click on the .mbr-file and remove the checkmark where it says write protection) and you should be fine. (Step 3) 8- That's it.
IMPORTANT: Even if you don't like the way it looks in PICED, start CM3 anyway. CM3 changes the colours of the text to suit the colourscheme of the menubar, so try it out.
However if you are still experiencing any problems at all and are in need of further assistance please dont hesitate from emailing me at with your problem.